Investimenti Immobiliari Italiani Sgr S.p.A.

Investimenti Immobiliari Italiani Sgr S.p.A. (Invimit Sgr) is an asset management company of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the core business of which consists in offering collective asset management services through the promotion, institution, organisation and management of Closed End Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT), the administration of stake-holder relations, investment organisations, thus including administrative functions as well as Real Estate Fund management.

Established in March 2013, Invimit Sgr has been authorised to supply collective asset management services with the provision of the Bank of Italy of 8th October 2013 and has been registered under reg. no. 305 in the SGR (Asset Management Companies) Register. According to the provisions of Articles 33 and 33-bis of L. Decree 98/2011, Invimit Sgr may operate both through the so-called “Funds of Funds,” (FOF) investing in target funds instituted by the Regional Agencies and also act in its capacity as promoter and manager of direct Real Estate Funds finalized in the reduction of public debt and generating economies of scale in the territory, also to enhance its development.

The mission of Invimit Sgr is thus summarised in contributing positively to the development and valorisation of public real estate assets, through the sector of urban construction and the pursuance of a more extensive and deeper regeneration, also in terms of energy saving and reduced environmental impacts. In this sense, and to make its own position clear and well identifiable, Invimit Sgr intends to assume the role as a liaison figure between public entities, owners of huge real estate assets and the market.

On the operational level, in order to carry out the mission it has been entrusted with, the first action consisted in identifying the two main theme areas of intervention: the regeneration of school facilities and that of energy requalification and optimisation of the use of public properties.