The capital of Invimit Sgr (Investimenti Immobiliari Italiani Sgr S.p.A.) is entirely held by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The basic objective of Invimit Sgr’s mission, is to operate within the market perspective and logic, to seize the opportunities arising from the general process of valorisation and decommissioning of public real estate assets, through the institution, organisation and management of closed end investment trusts pursuant to Articles 33 and 33-bis of L. Decree 98/2011.

Invimit Sgr’s operations fall within a more extensive process of rationalisation and valorisation of the State’s assets, of the Regional Public Agencies and of the other public Agencies, and also pursue the objective (inasmuch as the State and the Regional Agencies are concerned) of contributing to the reduction of the stock of public debt.

One of the founding characteristics of Invimit Sgr’s activities – and of the entire valorisation process – is that of operating through methods of requalification and regeneration that do not raise the soil consumption level. Furthermore, also due to the complex nature of such a process, the Company intends to operate by maximising each useful connection with the main actors already operating in the various phases of the public asset valorisation paths (particularly with the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti – Deposit and Loans Fund – and the Agenzia del Demanio or State Property Office).

Invimit Sgr has also started a partnership with the Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani (ANCI – National Association of Italian Local Authorities), with the objective of activating – also through the support of the Institute for Local Finances and Economy (IFEL) and ANCI-Patrimonio Comune Foundation – a centre of specific competence in the sector of the valorisation of the real estate assets of the Local Authorities.

The statutory documents of Invimit Sgr:

Decreto MEF del 19 marzo 2013